Connecting Flowers, 2016

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Flyer: Connecting flowers_Happy New Year


In the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem are exhibited many of my paintings. They are on different styles, according to the periods they were made.

On the year 2005 I was approached by the Director of Arts in the Ministry who asked me if I would accept to prepare a painting for the entry hall of the Ministry. As in the past cases, I accepted with pleasure.

My style at this period was: Diptychs and Triptychs, presenting flowers in strong colors using acrylics on canvas. So I decided to prepare a triptych, and since the Ministry is in charge of connecting the country with the world, I named it: Connecting Flowers.

The painting is exhibited since then at the entry hall of the Ministry. It is the first thing the visitors see, when coming to the Ministry. Moreover, this painting represented the Ministry at the biannual exhibition at the National Theater, Jerusalem, 2006.

Every year, the Ministry is choosing a painting of a well-known Israeli painter, to decorate the wish cards of the New Year distributed by the Embassies and Consulates of Israel (83 in total) throughout the whole world.

This year “Connecting Flowers” has been chosen for the Yearly wish card. It was printed in 100 000 copies and sent to the Israeli diplomatic missions.

The card brought the good wishes for the New Year in different languages, and was received with surprise by the recipients. Many positive remarks were received at the missions, including congratulations and asking for a supplementary copy – as a souvenir.

This is how an art work went over what it was made for, and it is now part of collections of New Year cards through the world. I am sure that many of the readers of this article will recognize the art work, and therefore: here it is.


Prof. Moshé Liba

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