Ecumenical Yom-Hashoah

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Ecumenical Yom-Hashoah

It could have been at Yad Vashem – the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, or in any synagogue: a well organized ceremony with Rabbi and Cantor, and youth and dignitaries, and the Menorah with six white candles, and some 250 people in attendance.

In the mostly Christian public, there were priests and reverends from several churches, and many Jews, and there was an organ in the church in The Hague, not far from the Queen’s Palace.

It was indeed the church where Queen Beatrix attends services, but she was at the American War Cemetery at Margraten together with the U.S. President George W. Bush.

Yom-Hashoah – the Day of the Holocaust, takes place as an ecumenical event already for 21 years in the Kloosterkerk.

This year on Sunday the 8th of May, coinciding with the date of the end of WW II, it was placed under the motto: “60 Years Later” stressing the common history of this country and of the Jewish People.

Music from the organ, readings from the Torah and the New Testament, speeches of a Rabbi and a Reverend, the prayer God the Merciful – El Maleh Rachamim by the Cantor, songs in Hebrew and in Dutch, and the lighting of candles for the six millions by members of a Dutch youth movement. An impressive program in a central church.

At the end, the Master of Ceremonies asked the audience to make a donation. Surprise: donation for the Haddasah Hospital in Jerusalem. We gladly complied, “So this will help them pay the salary of Irit”, we thought.

Indeed, Irit, my daughter-in-law has been working at the laboratory of Haddasah for the last 30 years.


Prof. Moshé Liba

May 2015


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