Kaddish for my son – Opher Liba

Ecrit par webmaster Sefarad.org le 19 mars, 2016
With big pain I have to inform  that my dear son Opher Liba (aged 62 years) had died last week.
He has been buried at the Cemetery Guivat Shaul in Jerusalem , Israël,  on Thursday 17-3-2016.

Here is my poem, dedicated to his blessed memory

Prof. Moshé Liba

for my son Opher Liba

Time and again
I try to understand
what means that fear
which overtakes me
whenever I meet,
paying a due visit
to a cemetery,
the unavoidable
mourning fathers.

I will then realise
that it is my own feeling as father,
worse: it is all fathers’ fear
to mourn, to have to perform
the worst of all duties –
to say Kaddish
for his own son.

How painful
for me
to visit cemeteries.

Moshé Liba

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