Goals of the European Sephardic Institute

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In the frame of safeguarding and the transmission of the Sephardic memory, the European Sephardic Institute has as a primary vocation to collect, centralise, analyse and put at the disposal of everybody, written, sound and visual documents that can witness the huge richness of the different Sephardic communities that have participated in a large way to the culture of the different countries for which they were integrated.

In order to do this, the European Sephardic Institute has fixed the following goals :

  • Safeguarding and conserving all elements still existing in the Sephardic culture of Greece, Turkey, Morocco and elsewhere, as well as the Spanish and Portuguese Judaism before 1492 / 1497 and to give them accessible to everybody and to researchers.
  • Encourage any donation of objects, pictures, books together with any sound and video material related to this culture.
  • Create a library, specialised in the field of Judaism and mainly in the Sephardic culture.
  • To install a library of pictures and video that will illustrate more specifically the different Sephardic communities. To work, as possible as, with television channels and research centres on the collective jewish memory.
  • Create in its organisation, multiple activities that has a near or far away connection with the Jewish world in general, and Sephardic in particular.
  • To offer everybody, universities and teachers included, a documentation centre of research and in collaboration with the main international Jewish organisations.
  • Preserve the memory in filming and archiving on video, witnesses of people coming from different Sephardic background.

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