El komentario de la perasha en judeo espagnol por Yehuda Hatsvi

webmaster Sefarad.org le 20 septembre, 2015

El komentario de la perasha en judeo espagnol por Yehuda Hatsvi

El komentario de la perasha
en judeo espagnol
por Yehuda Hatsvi

Perasha Aazinu, Shabbat 13 Tichri 5776, Shabbat 26/09/2015

Perasha Ki Tavo, Shabbat 21 Eloul 5775, Shabbat 5/09/2015

Perasha Ki Tetse, Shabbat 14 Elul 5775, Shabbat 29/8/2015

Perasha Shoftim, Shabbat 7 Elloul 5775, Shabbat 22/8/2015

Perasha Ekev, Shabbat 22 Av 5775, Shabbat 8/8/2015

Perasha Vaethanan. Shabbat Nahamou 16 Av 5775, Shabbat 1/08/2015

Perasha Devarim, Shabbat Hazon 9 av 5775, Shabbat 25/7/2015

Perasha Matot-Masei, Shabbat 2 Av 5775, Shabbat 18/7/2015

Perasha Pinhas, Shabbat 24 Tamouz 5775; Shabbat 11 juillet 2015

Perasha Balak, Shabbat 17 Tamouz 5775, Shabbat 4/7/2015

Perasha Shelah Leha, shabbat 26 Sivane 5775, shabbat 13/6/2015

Perasha Bealoteha, Shabbat 19 Sivan 5775,Shabbat 6/6/2015

Perasha Naso, Shabbat 12 Sivan 5775, Shabbat 30/5/2015

Perasha Bamidbar, Shabbat 5 Sivan 5775, Shabbar 23/05/2015

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Letter to the Spanish People – par Albert Russo

webmaster Sefarad.org le 7 juin, 2014

How many times have I visited your beautiful country with a twinge of remorse, however, since I knew that the Inquisition was the devilish creation of Isabel the Catholic and Ferdinand. How Christian could they have been to devise such cruelty?

Surely Jesus, the Jewish rabbi, Mary and Joseph, his Jewish parents must have turned in their graves after what they did to their people!
How I loved Seville, Cordoba and Granada, Ronda and Malaga, with their quaint old city centers, called the judería! – yes, the Jewish town!
How pleasant were my vacations in your lovely Balearic Islands and in your splendid Canaries, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Santa Cruz!
What delicious time I had in Barcelona and in Madrid, visiting your stupendous monuments, the Prado and Toledo, with its ancient synagogue. I could go on and on with praises about your country, so varied, so colorful and so passionate, with its unequalled flamenco and its corridas – the pageantry, not the pain they inflict on the bulls, which is absolutely disgraceful!

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